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Millet and the vertical community share a reciprocal commitment, as a close-knit group that has been climbing for over 100 years.

The guides, athletes and ambassadors we equip carry our products to the four corners of the world and test them with the ambition of reaching the summits and exceeding their limits.
Like them, we are constantly striving for excellence, and we are driven by the desire to innovate and offer the best, without compromise.

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Millet fournit tout l'équipement dont vous avez besoin pour grimper en toute sécurité à l'intérieur et sur les falaises. Corde, chaussons, vêtements confortables et légers, coupes et technologies sont adaptés à vous et à vos mouvements.


Découvrez des produits de haute qualité et techniques pour accompagner votre plus belle expédition. Millet propose des vêtements légers et fonctionnels, des sacs de couchage, des sacs à dos et des chaussures. Avec le sac à dos de Millet, vous pouvez transporter tout ce dont vous avez besoin, y compris des piolets, des cordes et des skis.

Randonnée / trekking

Discover the range of hiking and trekking products. The new Millet Hiking Collection offers a wide range of technical products that combine functionality, comfort and breathability. Find the perfect hiking gear for all weather conditions and different types of terrain. Find the ideal outfit for free movement on hikes or treks. Our waterproof and GoreTex jackets keep you dry and happy even in bad weather. Our softshell and windproof jackets and pants keep you protected. Find a product with functional, high-quality technical documentation for your future hike. The Millet hiking backpack is designed to offer the best support for hikers. The Millet experts have imagined and designed optimal hiking backpacks that are versatile, comfortable and airy. Their ergonomics are carefully designed to give you maximum freedom of movement during your excursion. Millet hiking boots guarantee comfort, lightness and support. Thanks to technologies such as the GoreTex membrane and Vibram sole, our hiking boots provide excellent waterproofing and grip on all types of trails you encounter. From day hikes to dedicated trekking, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Millet also offers a number of lightweight, space-saving sleeping bags for future treks and bivouacs. They keep you warm up to 10°C. Whether in a shelter, tent or outdoors, Millet hiking sleeping bags will accompany you on all your adventures.

Trail Running

Tee-shirts respirants ou en coton, shorts et pantalons strechs, chaussons d'escalade (symétriques - asymétriques), chaussures d'approche et sacs à dos techniques pour transporter votre corde et matériels... La collection escalade est pensée pour apporter une liberté de mouvement maximale.


Discover our range of products for skiing Millet offers you high-performance clothing for the most beautiful curves of alpine skiing. A waterproof jacket to protect you from the elements, Polartec fleece to keep you warm, or underwear to keep you warm and in compliance with the 3-layer system (transfer layer, thermoregulating layer, protective layer) Moisture transfer. We also have a wide selection of warm and elastic pants to optimize your freedom of movement. This technical clothing is the best asset to be happy on the slopes. For the perfect fit, you'll also find Millet's warm GoreTex beanie, headband and gloves. The STEEP, MYSTIC and NEO series of backpacks are perfect for this activity. All these bags are technical, functional and versatile, thanks to the shovel and probe compartments, mask pockets and ski racks. Millet is equipped with everything from textiles to backpacks for enjoying the mountains.

Ski touring

Discover our range of products for ski touring Discover our new Millet products for ski touring to help you work safely. Choosing the best outfit for ski touring is very important. Millet offers a wide range of cold- and moisture-resistant clothing that is breathable and windproof. These technical products are designed to be readily available throughout the activity. Using technical materials such as GoreTex, Polartec and merino wool, we offer state-of-the-art technology and maximum comfort for personal or race performance. This high quality garment protects you from the elements and guarantees fun on the way up and on the way down. Some of our technology products include airbag backpacks with Alpride 2.0 technology from the NEO series, or the Alpride E1 with the Trilogy 30 E1 bag, the lightest electric avalanche protection system on the market. With these avalanche backpacks, you can maximize your safety in the mountains. Its minimalist design offers all the features you need (ski rack, shovel, probe compartment) while respecting comfort.